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iPad Air Repair Dubai

Fix All Kinds of iPad Air Repairs in Dubai at Techno Edge Systems

iPad Air Repair Dubai – Out of the blue, the iPad users saw a major shift when the lightweight iPad Air was released in 2013. So, why the name iPad Air? iPad Air is, in fact, the namesake for the lighter, thinner version of iPads the users have never experienced until then. The iPad Air and the iPad Air 2 entered with a bang noticing the users’ craving for lighter, thinner models. Though they have been discontinued now, the technology is still very much alive in the following iPad models even until today. However, no matter how amazing the iPad Air has proved to be, as with any electronic product, it is prone to the regular wear and tear. Now, being humans we cannot rule out the accidents. All in all, one cannot rule out the iPad Air repair at one point or the other.

We at Techno Edge Systems LLC are well versed with the technology and the built of iPad Air and iPad Air2. We can boldly make this statement that ever since the inception of the original iPad in 2010 and was floating in the market; we have been dealing with the iPad Repair across Dubai. We have seen how the iPad 2 was released in the lines of iPad Air2. The iPad did not become famous for no reason. There is a sea of changes that took place under that hood that brought in that difference. The 720 p HD FaceTime camera was the oomph factor for those who loved video calls. The Apple iPad Air’s A7 processor again was a turning point for the iPad users. It clocked as much as twice the speed than its predecessor, which virtually made the users try out the iPads once in spite of the heavy price tags.

Being an avid fan of iPad Air ourselves, switching back to the iPad Air repair, we have jotted down below the common breakdowns in this model and what could possibly go wrong with it.

  • Shattered Glass screen which a slip and a miss can simply cause.
  • Busted speakers
  • iPad Disabled
  • Battery not charging
  • Charging port repair
  • Requires a memory upgrade etcetera


We provide something as trivial as a software upgrade to complex repairs at Techno Edge Systems LLC and guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. We assure you of the least turnaround time for all kinds of iPad repairs at our workshop. Visit us at www.laptoprepairindubai.ae anytime for more details.

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